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Newsbin Professional   The nicest, fastest, bestest usenet binaries downloader available (unbiased opinion)
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XNews   Free Usenet text reader, good for reading and posting text.
PowerPost   Free Usenet binaries posting utility.
Usenet Reviews   Researched opinions about the various Usenet Services Providers, Usenet Search Engines/NZB Sites and Usenet Software.
Usenet Reviewz   Reviews Usenet News Services, Newsgroup Software, Usenet Search and NZB sites.
Newsgroup Service Reviews   Compare over 100 Usenet Providers, discounts and free newsgroup trials.

Usenet Reviews

  Usenet Providers and Newsreaders rated and reviewed by its users.


Geek Links
Reddit r/usenet   Usenet discussion group on Reddit.
EFF   Electronic Frontier Foundation looking out for your digital rights.
AnandTech   Hardware Analysis and News
Cryptome   Material on freedom of expression, privacy, cryptology, dual-use technologies, national security, intelligence, and blast protection, among other interesting things.
Google News News Site maintained by Google
Slashdot Geek News
Slyck File Sharing News
The Register Late breaking technology news.
Tom's Hardware Great source of information on computer hardware and electronics.
MaximumPC Online Magazine with product reviews, how-to's, and technology news.
Virus Bulletin Stay current with the latest developments in the anti-virus field.


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